About Us/FAQ

Aegis Armory is a small family owned business that is growing fast. We are located in Flowery Branch, Georgia, and we are proud to say that our holsters are “Made in the USA.”

Stephen, Owner and Artisan, has worked with leather for near a decade. His attention to detail and commitment to comfort make Aegis Armory holsters exceptional. The quality of our holsters at a competitive price make them an excellent value. Stephen continually searched for the perfect holster. He grew frustrated with the lack of initial comfort in an IWB holster. He decided to make a holster for himself that was exactly what he had been searching for. Through that process, Aegis Armory was born. We use a premium drum dyed leather that is professionally cut, and the edges are then beveled and burnished. These details and more will ensure that your Aegis Armory holster will become your new personal favorite.


Q: Do you have a holster that will fit my gun?

A: If you can’t find your gun in our options, please send us an email to let us know. We are always adding to our gun molds and we make decisions based on  demand.

Q: Should I let my cousin’s roommate borrow my holster for his gun?

A:We would suggest that you tell your cousin’s roommate to visit our website and buy his own. 

Q:  What cant are your holsters?

A: They are set at a 15 degree cant for better concealability/faster draw. However there are holes on each side to move the clips up and down to adjust ride and cant

Q: How can I get my holster shipped faster?

A: Our current wait time is shown on the right sidebar. The only way to get your holster faster is to place your order yesterday.

Q: Do you offer magazine holsters?

A: We are currently working on a design that is both comfortable and a competitive price. Keep checking back to see what we developed.

Kydex Color options for Aegis Armory Custom Leather/Kydex Holsters

Kydex Color options for Aegis Armory Custom Leather/Kydex Holsters

Q: Where are the Brown and Tan Leathers? Why can I only select Black?

A:  We originally offered 3 leather colors. Unfortunately our supplier of leather dropped the ball on the Tan and Brown and has been unwilling to improve the quality or lower the price enough for us to throw away the leather that is unusable at our quality standards. Because we refuse to compromise quality, the Tan and Brown are not available for the foreseeable future.

Q: Do you have shoulder holsters?

A: We are always looking to expand our line in both quality and value. We are still working on developing a comfortable shoulder holster that will be affordable. Please keep checking back to see what we developed.

Q: Why is there no Sales Tax on my order?

A: Sales tax is only required for purchases here in Georgia, Online sales shipped out of state do not require us to collect sales tax.
That is based on current law. If the marketplace fairness act passes, depending on the exemptions etc, we may or may not have to collect all states taxes in the future.

Q: How do you ship? A: Currently we use USPS Priority Mail, 1-3 Days to your door AFTER the Holster is made. Check the sidebar for our current wait time.

Q: Warranty? A: Lifetime against manufacturing defects. If we did something wrong, we’re going to make it right. Please understand that Plastic parts will wear out, repeated flexing will eventually cause them to break, as will repeated exposure to extreme cold. The Guardian and Sheath holsters are not designed to last forever, nor do we know how to make them so.