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 Jun 14, 2018 by Justin L. on Aegis Armory

1 Year Used, Amazing Holster

I have been using this holster since I began carrying my Glock 26, and I am so happy I did my research before deciding what to purchase. I read the reviews and was convinced, and I haven’t looked back. This holster has worn in so well and has made carrying very easy. It’s extremely comfortable, lightweight, and durable. I highly recommend this holster!!

Jun 12, 2018 by Bill G. on Aegis Armory4 Years And Still Going Strong

I’ve had a Guardian trigger guard for my Walther PPQ M2 for almost 4 years. Retention is as good today as day 1 (a couple of thousand releases). I can swing the pistol around by the lanyard and it does not release, yet releases easily on the draw with a slight forward push. I’m am ambidextrous and with the trigger guard I can place piston at any o’clock position for either hand, very versatile. I also like that I can load or unload the pistol with the guard in place, isolating the trigger and preventing a ND. When drawing the pistol you also minimize the chance of a ND as the trigger guard remains in place until the gun is pointed toward the target and pushed forward. Re-holstering is safer also as you can point the pistol in a safe direction and snap the guard back on before sliding back into your belt. Kind of difficult to blow a hole in yourself. I have pretty much given up on conventional holsters due to the added bulk, fixed hand and better trigger safety that the trigger guard offers. All 5 of my pistols have a Aegis trigger guard…a well made product that fits my minimalist requirements.

Aug 30, 2017 by Tim S on Aegis ArmoryAegis Shield

I ordered a shield for my g26 and have been wearing it the last few months. The g26 disappears in it, and it is very comfortable. But I recently began using it for my g22, and the cant just makes it disappear. It’s perfect. Other than the gun weighing 8 oz’s more, I barely notice the difference between guns with this holster. That says a lot to me.

Aug 14, 2017 by Jon Berns on Aegis ArmoryReally Excellent Holster

Stephen ; excellent customer service in response to my e-mail. The trigger guard is everything I expected and more!! How often do we get to say that in this day ??!! Your company deserves to grow and prosper .. I would pay more for your trigger guard..I did not carry my xds until I got trigger guard..I just have to have a safety. In the bad old days when the army issued that piece of junk m-16 i carried a 1911 .45 acp .. It worked after my m-16 blew up on me.. So I need a safety.. I know that makes me a dinosaur but I am happy in my world and without bragging put a couple of NVA in the ground with a .45. Most combat vets can get the safety off and a round on target while a civilian is still thinking ” something bad must be happening ! ” my point is the trigger guard comes off as a safety and a round goes down range quickly.. Animo et Fide[ 1/1 cav ]

Jun 30, 2017 by Luke G on Aegis ArmoryGuardian Trigger Guard

I wanted to make sure that I left a good review due to the excellent service that I received for a great product. I bought the Guardian trigger Guard for my Sig P229 and when it arrived it was a little too tight to get a good draw. I contacted Aegis and after trying to fix it (unsuccessfully) they sent me a brand new Guardian that arrived in 2 days. The new one is great and is one of the most comfortable holsters I have had. The product was good but it was the customer service that put the experience over the top.

Jun 4, 2017 by Ray on Aegis ArmoryExcellent Guardian Trigger Holsters

I placed two orders for Guardian trigger holsters. I was very happy with the first order, so I ordered more. I got about 11 holsters in different colours. The fit is excellent. The edges are finished very smoothly. The cord length is about ideal for over-the-belt or inside a carry bag or pack. I sent a question via email and rec’d a very quick reply. My large order, in different colours was filled very quickly. This is a quality product.

Jun 4, 2017 by Jay Martello on Aegis ArmorySimply The Best Hybrid Holster Ever

Hey Steven. I’m a certified NRA Pistol and Rifle Instructor as well as Louisiana Conceal Carry Instructor. I just ordered my Shield holster from you on February 2nd. It just arrived today on the 17th. I have to tell you, I researched and studied many, many brands and types of IWB holsters mainly focusing on the hybrid type. I came across your shield on you tube so, I took a look at it. Video after video was nothing but high praises and approval. “Comfortable from day one”, “Get this holster, you won’t be disappointed”, “I wasn’t a fan of hybrid style holsters, but Aegis sold me” ….. it went on and on. Based on all of those countless praises and mostly, because you’re a small company (for now at least) as well as your price, turn around time as well as your quality choice of leather and superb attention to detail in all the little things you do in your craftsmanship, I chose you having never even tried any other brand of IWB holster. I knew I would love it before I even touched it. After receiving it, I immediately set it in my waistband without any adjustments, perfect fit and set on the clips. The gun locked in perfectly. I wore it the rest of the evening around the house to start forming the leather to the gun and will continue to do so until it fits the gun like a glove. I also love that it can double as an OWB holster as well. Ever since I saw your product on line and before I ever even ordered mine, I have promoted your product to everyone I can including my students. Trust me, this won’t be the last item I order from you. If you haven’t already, can you start working on clamshells and shields for the Sig Sauer P238 ? My wife owns that one. I want to get something for her in time, I’m just not sure yet what she’ll want. Just as my Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II 9mm shields my family and I’s life, your shield hybrid shields my Kimber. Nothing less, than the best. Thank you Sir for putting your heart and soul into your product. With warmest regards, Jay.

Aug 7, 2016 by Heather Williams on Aegis ArmoryGreat Product!

I bought the purple kydex trigger guard for my concealed carry Glock 42 about 4 months ago. Glocks do not have an external safety and this trigger guard gives me an extra sense of safety when I conceal carry. I just bought a hot pink kydex trigger guard for my new Glck 43. Love this product!!

Jul 15, 2016 by Donald Beam on Aegis ArmoryShield Hybred

Just ordered my 2nd Shield…This time for my new Para Expert Commander. My M&P45c has been on my side for close to 2 years now. Not one hiccup form this holster. I can’t believe how comfortable these IWB holsters can be. At my recommendation, my nephew ordered one for his Glock. Now I’m counting the days till my NEW Hybred arrives…Keep up the GREAT work on these holsters. Wish I didn’t waste money on the 3 Crossbeed holsters I bought before I found Aegis.

Jun 19, 2016 by Matthew Manspeaker on Aegis ArmoryMy Favorite Holster In My Collection

I have had my shield holster for my Glock 19 for around 7 months now and have worn it extensively, and out of all the holsters I’ve tried (there have been quite a few), this is the one I keep coming back to. It allows me to easily conceal my Glock 19 and to carry comfortably all day, as well as to be able to easily get a good clean draw every time I practice it! The leather still smells and looks new (other than a few little marks where I’ve drawn and reholstered the gun so many times, which is to be expected).

I have two very minor criticisms, but they honestly apply to any holster of this style. First is the retention feels a tad loose when gun is just in the holster but not in your waistband with pressure applied to it. I don’t really see this as a big deal though because when worn properly, I have never experienced any retention issues. Second is that the clip screws can come loose on their own over time and need to be tightened. Again, this is an issue with any type of holster that uses clips like this, and all you have to do it apply some threadlocker to the screws to get them to stay put.

All in all, I’d say this is one of the highest quality hybrid holsters on the market (especially for the money) and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I really appreciate the fit and finish and attention to detail put into its construction, and the many color options for the kydex are cool. Mine is police blue with a carbon fiber pattern and it looks great! This is still my EDC holster and will probably remain so for awhile.